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Our products will help you improve areas often neglected by runners such as: balance training, strength training, core trainng, flexibility, running form, cross training and nutrition.

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Whether your passion is the mile, 5K's, 10K's, marathoning, track, cross country, soccer or basketball we have the tools you need to excel. Not only will your running performance improve but you wll be better able to avoid and recover from injuries. Optimize your running training with these key training approaches.


Strength - Running Training

When it comes to strength training runners often don't know where to turn. There are so many options! Should you use machines or free weights - heavier weights with fewer repetitions or lighter weights with higher repetitions? To simplify the strength training picture we like to categorized strength training for runners into two categories - muscle tuning and power lifting.

  • Kettlebell TrainingBalanced Solution DVDMuscle tuning is a new concept coined by Dr. Nigg of Calgary Alberta's famous exercise physiology lab. Essentially, muscles are tuned to dampen the vibrational forces associated with running (this is thought to be the primary contributor to running injuries). Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete and Balanced Solution provide the best programs available for muscle tuning. The strengthening drills incorporate balance, core and strength training in positions that are specific to running to maximizes muscle tuning for runners.
  • Half Squat Free Weigth - Running TrainingPower lifting requires maximal squat training. This is vigorous training and should be approached with caution. Recent research demonstrated that well trained runners that performed four sets of four half squats (using free weights) three days per week for eight weeks improved their running economy 5% and their time to exhaustion at their pre-testing maximum aerobic speed by 21.3%. Each squat set was performed at a 4 rep max (a weight they could only lift 4 times) with a three minute rest between sets. These runners maintained their previous run training program while adding in power lifting.

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Core - Running Training

Kettlebell training for runners DVDOver the past five years core training has become the buzz word of the fitness world. Your core consists of 29 pairs of muscles that synchronize to control the motion at your trunk. It is literally the foundation for your running machine - the control center for the running motion. Core training will improve your running times, improve your running form, improve your running efficiency, reduce your risk of injury and speed recovery. We have selected Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete for running specific, functional core training. View our new video Core Fitness Test for the Running Athlete and get an accurate measure of what your level is.


Flexibility / Yoga - Running Training

The world's best runners dedicate time for stretching and so should you. You may be able to get away without it for a while but sooner or later you will realize the benefits of a consistent stretching program. Some runners like the systematic approach of a yoga program and others prefer to create there own routine to focus on their trouble spots. A Balanced Solution presents 26 stretches - covering 13 different muscle groups so that you can develop a personal program. Vinyassa Yoga for Runners is a 30 minute routine that can transform your running in 1-2 short sessions per week.

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Cross Training - Running Training

Cross Training - Running Training

Running is a physically demanding sport. Cross training allows you to supplement your running training with other forms of training that are less stressful on your joints and muscles. You benefit from improved strength and endurance while limiting your risk of injury or while recovering from an injury. Download your free Cross Training eBook now! You'll receive information on 11 different cross training modes - complete with practical tips and related research. Pass it on to your friends!


Balance - Running Training

Think balance training is for gymnast? Wrong! Every step you take involves contacting, adapting and propulsion. Balance training tunes your muscles to perform these phases more efficiently. Recent research suggests that muscle tuning of the foot / ankle muscles is 3 times as necessary as the core muscles. Momentum will keep you going in a straight line but balance training fine tunes your neuromuscular system - reducing unneeded strain. Less strain means you are less likely to be injured and that your valuable energy can be used to run faster or farther - or both!

The bottom line is that you run with better form, greater efficiency and less pain. Save your energy for running faster or longer - prevent injury and improve performance with balance training. View our Balance Training for runners video for a start and Kettlebell training for the Running Athlete for advance training

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Running Form

You don't have to be an expert in biomechanics to recognize that there are many different running styles. We are all built differently and can't expect to run exactly like the world class gazelles. However, studying optimal running form and performing a few simple drills can help you avoid the pitfalls that effect many runners. Effecient running means faster, longer and less painful running. View a running form video and try out our running form drills.

Running form video

Running form drills


Sports nutrition guidebook

Nutrition for Running

Runners can become side tracked by all of the flashy marketing campaigns promising better performance. The newest gel will only be a bandage if your diet isn't grounded in the principles of sports nutrition. Nutritionist Nancy Clark RD is the guru to trust with your diet. Her book, Sports Nutrition Guidebook, covers everything - carb loading, hydration, protein, energy drinks and weight loss. This book comes complete with recipes and and is loaded with practicle tips - a book the whole family can benefit from. You can scan a sample of Nancy Clark's articles or invest in the bible of sport nutrition.

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