Speed Training Calculator


Enter the results of your most recent race or a recent race that is similar in distance to your goal event. If you haven't raced in the past three months go to a track and see how fast you can run a mile (4 laps) then enter the information below with the mile as the race distance. After 6 weeks of training you need to recalculate your training pace based on a new race result or trial race performance. Read "Running Faster" to understand the principles of speed training.


Race distance.
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Six Month ComprehensiveTraining Program


6 weeks

Early Quality

6 weeks

Transition Quality

6 weeks

Final Quality

6 weeks

Build Mileage Build Mileage Classic Intervals Repetion intervals
Core & leg Strength Repetion intervals Threshold training Threshold training
Balance Training Long Runs Long Runs Classic Intervals
Cross Training Core & leg Strength Core Strength Core Strength
Flexibility Training Cross Training Flexibility Training Decrease mileage
Nutrition Flexibility Training Nutrition Nutrition
  Nutrition Mental Preparation Mental Preparation