A Balanced Solution


knee pain, IT band, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splint, ankle sprain, calf strain, hamstring strain, bursitis, sciatica, lower back pain, butt pain, stress fracture

A Balanced Solution presents the best program available for runners to develop core strength, balance and flexibility.



The exercises selected for The Injured Runner – A Balanced Solution replicate the arcs of motion and types of muscle contractions used in running. It is the most specific exercise routine available for runners. It will help you more quickly and completely recover from an injury and prevent future injury.


Your trunk is the control center for your lower body. Core stability is the foundation for all sport activity – especially running.


Recent research has made significant breakthroughs in demonstrating the effectiveness of strengthening for running injuries. Strengthening is often the missing link in a runner’s training and recovery program.


Running is a series of controlled falls. Balance training can improve the control and efficiency of each step. Muscular balance is also essential. This program is designed to strengthen all of the muscles used while running and restore balance to your muscular system.


You don’t have to talk to many runners to learn that stretching tight muscles is a key component to injury prevention and gently stretching an injured area can speed recovery.


Core strength







You will...

Run better

Run faster

Run balanced

Avoid injury

Heal faster


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Balanced Solution DVD

"In just 3 weeks I cannot believe what a difference it has made in my rehab. I have been, of course, employing a mulitude of therapies including ART, acupuncture, nutritional changes, X training but I think your strengthening exercises have made the most tangible and significant difference. ...Thanks again - your DVD is the best $20 I ever spent."


  • Core, strength and balance training for runners.
  • Learn the eight most important exercises to prevent or recover from a running injury.
  • Twenty-six stretches you can select from to create a personal stretching routine.
  • Four key warm up drills.
  • Designed by physical therapist Bryan Whitesides MPT, OCS
  • Over two hours and fifteen minutes of instruction.

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knee pain, IT band, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splint, ankle sprain, calf strain, hamstring strain, bursitis, sciatica, lower back pain, butt pain, stress fracture


Research indicates that 37 to 56% of regularly training runners sustain an injury during a one-year time period. van Mechelen 1992


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This DVD presents the most specific program available for runners to develop core stability, strength, balance and flexibility.   The Injured Runner – A Balanced Solution will help you fully recover following an injury, prevent future injuries, and enhance performance. The easy to use DVD format will allow you to exercise with the instructor who provides detailed instruction, or review specific exercises to help with your trouble spots.   The Injured Runner – A Balanced Solution presents exercises for each group of muscles involved in running from your foot to your abdomen – for the beginning runner to the competitive athlete.   It is the most specific exercise routine available for runners.

The Vancouver Sun Run 10K study reported that “half of the participants who reported an injury had had a previous injury; 42% of these reported that they were not completely rehabilitated on starting the 13 week training program.”

Taunton JE 2003



"I am stoked about getting this DVD as I have looked high and low for a good source to help me do the right things to put my running back together. I am on the back end of a really nasty case of Plantar Fascitis and have been trying to put together a good rehab program to keep it from EVER coming back! I am confident that the right exercises and stretching routine can keep this from reoccurring, but I just didn't have the information. Yours looks to be the best for a runner as you can bet I have looked at about ever place imaginable to figure this injury out. I am an Ironman triathlete who will not take no for an answer!! Can't wait to put this into action.Told my other banged up tri geek buds about it too, we all need to get well right about now and set up a better season with the proper rehab and protocol."

J. Dorris, MO.


The Injured Runner – A Balanced Solution is based on leading edge medical research conducted at Stanford University, the Joyner Sports Medicine Center in Lexington, Kentucky, the University of Wisconsin, the Umea University in Sweden, and Queensland University in Australia. These institutions have done extensive research on iliotibial band friction syndrome, knee pain, hamstring strains, Achilles tendonitis, and lower back pain.

Research conducted at the Cooper Clinic reported that a previous running injury is the strongest risk factor for future injury.

Hootman JM 2002p

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For years, the primary emphasis in treating runners has been the use of orthotics and stretching.   While these are certainly important, there is more, much more!


Balanced Solution DVD


Combo Pack 3DVD's only $39.95



The Foundation – Principles of core stabilization and balance training. (13 minutes)

Level 1 – Exercises for recovery following an injury and injury prevention - working each muscle group from the foot to the abdomen. (37 minutes)

Level 2 – Advanced exercises for complete recovery following injury, injury prevention, and performance enhancement - using weights and resistance bands. (41 minutes)

Warm up – Four key drills to perform prior to running. (6 minutes)

Stretching – Twenty-six stretches you can choose from to develop a personal stretching routine.(38 minutes)


"I have been using The Injured Runner - A Balanced Solution for two months now, I'm sure I've avoided at least two injuries. I was stuck at 30 miles per week and am now training at 40 miles per week without pain.”

Mike Whitesides, Rexburg, ID

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Cross Country Team is Injury Free!

The Mesa State Cross Country Team of Grand Junction, Colorado has just completed its first injury free season. Team members were evaluated at the beginning of the season to assess leg and trunk strength / endurance. Several of the harriers were amazed to see the imbalances they had developed from previous injuries or not performing appropriate core training. Based on the test results each member implemented the exercises presented in the DVD “The Injured Runner – A Balanced Solution” to restore muscular balance. Coach Gig Leadbetter reported “We have not had an injury since beginning this program and our training program is the same – none of those hip or IT band problems that plagued us last year.”

knee pain, IT band, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splint, ankle sprain, calf strain, hamstring strain, bursitis, sciatica, lower back pain, butt pain, stress fracture